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How to Change Your Thinking About Anger: Hazelden Quick Guides

How to Change Your Thinking About Anger: Hazelden Quick Guides (A Hazelden Quick Guide) by Leading Hazelden Experts
 Pdf, epub, mobi
Apply practical strategies from the latest expert research to change the way you think and react to feelings of anger.
Do you (or does someone you know) have a problem with anger? Perhaps you’ve been told you do, but you’re skeptical. Anger can be a healthy emotion, but when we direct it outwards towards others, or fail to use it constructively, we cause lasting damage to ourselves and loved ones.
Using the research of experts in the field of emotional health, this book outlines a basic understanding of anger and offers healthy ways to process and change our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to better deal with it. These strategies are based on Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), a widely used method of examining our own thoughts to challenge and change irrational beliefs.
In this book, you will
Get past common myths surrounding anger
Break down anger into its basic components and learn how they combine to create healthy or unhealthy expression
Learn and identify the four basic anger styles
Discover your own anger style, and identify what triggers your anger
Practice ways to respond to anger more positively by making conscious choices in your thinking, feeling, and acting
Know how and when to reach out for professional help if necessary
About Hazelden Quick Guides
Hazelden Quick Guides are short, accessible e-books that draw on the original work and best practices of leading experts to help readers address common addiction recovery and emotional health issues. This first four-book collection applies the proven methods of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to challenge and change the irrational thoughts and beliefs that contribute to the debilitating effects of shame, anger, depression, and anxiety.

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