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House of Mystery comics
House of Mystery 1-324

The House of Mystery is the name of several horror, fantasy and mystery anthology comic book series published by DC Comics. It had a companion series, House of Secrets.

House of Mystery started out as a horror anthology, featuring tales of the supernatural as well as supernatural-themed mystery stories. With the growing backlash against American horror comics in the mid-1950s, as well as the advent of the Comics Code Authority and its restrictions on horror-themed storylines (banning stories dealing with such supernatural fare as werewolves and vampires), the series quietly was revamped into dealing with science-fiction type monsters and other mystery-suspense type tales that were permitted by the comic code.


House of Mystery 001-100 (1951-1960) .zip – 1.9 GB
House of Mystery 101-200 (1960-1972) .zip – 2.2 GB
House of Mystery 201-300 (1972-1982) .zip – 2.2 GB
House of Mystery 301-321 (1982-1983) .zip – 291.9 MB

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