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Hazel Gower collection



Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. New Age – MF.
In book one of Caveman Instincts:
I always thought the gypsies cursed my family centuries ago, but most members of my family feel different, they say we were gifted with prosperity and the ability to know our soul mate. Great, you say, well they forgot to mention when we find our soul mate we turn into possessive cavemen.
I never wanted the curse to get me. I was happy with my privileged life, a new woman every night and no one ever saying no to me. I had my life planned out just how I wanted it. That was until I saw her—Jade Black. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Jade she was mine. My soul mate. The problem is I’m having trouble convincing her.
I’m so close to freedom, to being eighteen and having a say in my life. Getting my Higher School Certificate, going to university, and living the life I’ve always dreamed. I’m so close. I blame my mother for dying, because I’m not eighteen I have to either go into foster care or live with my deadbeat grandpa in Reed Creek. I choose my grandpa. I can put up with him until I graduate.
The problem…Stephan Silverman. He comes into my life, messes with all my plans, and changes my outlook. I thought I had everything planned. Now I’m not so sure. Stephan Silverman is a pain in my arse.

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Books list:


1 – All I Want For Christmas.epub
2 – The Price of Fame.epub
A Mate’s Escape.epub
Always Forever.epub
Anthology-Bite Me, Baby.epub
Ava’s Mate – Hazel Gower.epub
Ava’s Mate – Hazel Gower.mobi
Carl by Hazel Gower (Caveman Instinct #2.5).epub
Dillon – Hazel Gower.epub
Earning Her Love – Hazel Gower.epub
Gordon’s Dawn.epub
Gower, Hazel – Letters to Her Soldier ( Evernight Publishing, 978-1-77130-411-5).epub
Gower, Hazel – The Price of Fame (2013, Liquid Silver Books, 978-1-62210-000-2).epub
Gypsy Curse #2 Richard.epub
Gypsy Curse 01 Stephan by Hazel Gower (Caveman Instinct Book #1).epub
Gypsy Curse 01 Stephan by Hazel Gower (Caveman Instinct Book #1).mobi
Hazel Gower – Armageddon Mates 04 – Arden’s Mate.mobi
Hazel Gower – Peacekeepers 01 – Her Keepers.mobi
Hazel Gower+Jess Buffett-Mount View Treaty 01_Claimed by Her Panthers.epub
Hazel Gower-Lucian’s Soul (2017).epub
Hazel Gower-Lucian’s Soul (2017).mobi
Hazel Gower-Merpeople 01_A Merman of Her Own.epub
Hazel Gower-Merpeople 01_A Merman of Her Own.prc
Hazel Gower-Merpeople 02_A Merman Uncovered (Romance on the Go).epub
Hazel Gower-Sin City Shifters 01_Sasha’s Lion.epub
Hazel Gower-Sin City Shifters 02_Jezebel’s Lion.epub
Her Big Bad Mistake – Hazel Gower.epub
Hers – Hazel Gower.epub
Kane’s Mate (Armageddon Mates) – Gower, Hazel.epub
Kane’s Mate (Armageddon Mates) – Gower, Hazel.mobi
Ours – Hazel Gower.epub
Rane’s Mate – Hazel Gower.epub
Rane’s Mate – Hazel Gower.mobi
Savior by Hazel Gower (The Inteli _1).epub
Stephan by Hazel Gower (Caveman Instinct Book #1).epub
Stephan by Hazel Gower (Caveman Instinct Book #1).mobi
The Laird’s Future Bride – Hazel Gower.epub
The Laird’s Future Bride – Hazel Gower.mobi
Theirs (The Bears) – Gower, Hazel.epub
Winning Her Love.epub

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