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Harlan Coben collection

Harlan Coben collection


Tell No One:

For Dr. David Beck, the loss was shattering. And every day for the past eight years, he has relived the horror of what happened. The gleaming lake. The pale moonlight. The piercing screams. The night his wife was taken. The last night he saw her alive.
Everyone tells him it’s time to move on, to forget the past once and for all. But for David Beck, there can be no closure. A message has appeared on his computer, a phrase only he and his dead wife know. Suddenly Beck is taunted with the impossible- that somewhere, somehow, Elizabeth is alive.
Beck has been warned to tell no one. And he doesn’t. Instead, he runs from the people he trusts the most, plunging headlong into a search for the shadowy figure whose messages hold out a desperate hope.
But already Beck is being hunted down. He’s headed straight into the heart of a dark and deadly secret- and someone intends to stop him before he gets there.

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Books list:

Mickey Bolitar series:

Found – Harlan Coben.epub
Seconds Away – Harlan Coben.epub
Shelter_ A Mickey Bolitar Novel – Harlan Coben.epub

Back Spin – Harlan Coben.epub
Coben, Harlan –  Myron 10 – Live Wire.epub
Coben, Harlan – Caught (2010).epub
Coben, Harlan – Gone for Good (2002).epub
Coben, Harlan – Hold Tight (2008).epub
Coben, Harlan – Just One Look (2004).epub
Coben, Harlan – Miracle Cure (1991).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 01 – Deal Breaker (1995).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 02 – Drop Shot (1996).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 03 – Fade Away (1996).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 04 – Back Spin (1997).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 05 – One False Move (1998).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 06 – the Final Detail (1999).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 07 – Darkest Fear (2000).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 08 – Promise Me (2006).epub
Coben, Harlan – Myron 09 – Long Lost (2009).epub
Coben, Harlan – No Second Chance (2003).epub
Coben, Harlan – Play Dead (2010).epub
Coben, Harlan – Tell No One (2001).epub
Coben, Harlan – the Innocent (2005).epub
Coben, Harlan – the Woods (2007).epub
Darkest Fear – Harlan Coben.epub
Fool Me Once – Harlan Coben.epub
Fool Me Once – Harlan Coben.mobi
Found – Harlan Coben.epub
Harlan Coben – The Stranger.epub
Missing You – Harlan Coben.epub
Six Years – Harlan Coben.epub
Stay Close – Harlan Coben.epub
The Woods – Harlan Coben.epub

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