Griff Hosker: Dragon Heart Series

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Griff Hosker: Dragon Heart Series


A young Saxon boy and his mother are captured by Viking raiders and taken to a new home. Thanks to an old one armed warrior he finds his true destiny. He wins his freedom and becomes a Viking himself. Forced to sail the seas for a new home they have to fight to establish their own kingdom on the Isle of Man. A tale full of battles set in the early years of the ninth century.

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Books list:


01 Viking Slave.epub
02 Viking Warrior.epub
03 Viking Jarl.epub
04 Viking Kingdom.epub
05 Viking Wolf.epub
06 Viking War.epub
07 Viking Sword.epub
08 Viking Wrath.epub
09 Viking Raid.epub
10 Viking Legend.epub
11 Viking Vengeance.epub
12 Viking Dragon.epub
13 Viking Treasure.epub
18 Viking Storm by Griff Hosker.epub
19 Viking Warband (Dragonheart Book 19).epub
20 Viking Shadow (Dragonheart Book 20) – Griff Hosker.epub
21 Griff-Hosker-Viking-Legacy-_Dragonheart-Book-21_-_Retail_.epub
Griff Hosker – Dragon Heart 14 – Viking Enemy.epub
Griff Hosker – Dragon Heart 15 – Viking Witch.epub
Griff Hosker – Dragon Heart 16 – Viking Blood.epub
Griff Hosker – Dragon Heart 17 – Viking Weregeld.epub

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