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Griff Hosker: Anarchy series

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Griff Hosker: Anarchy series


The throne of England is slipping from King Henry’s grasp. His only son has drowned in the English Channel and the predators are gathering ready to devour both England and Normandy. When the last of King Harold’s Housecarls returns to England to die he brings with him a reluctant hero who will save the kingdom. Alfraed, son of Ridley, is the first of a new breed, he is an English Knight. The novel is set in a time when warlords fight for small parcels of land and treachery is the order of the day. English Knight is a fast moving novel set in that most turbulent of times, The Anarchy. Filled with action and battles this is the first in a series of chronicles painting a picture of a bloody time in English history when the only people you could rely on were your household warriors and you slept with a dagger beneath your bed.

Books list:

01 English Knight.epub
02 Knight of the Empress .epub
03 Northern Knight.epub
04 Baron of the North.epub
05 Earl.epub
06 King Henry’s Champion.epub
07 The King is Dead.epub
08 Warlord of the North.epub
09 Enemy at the Gate.epub
10 the Fallen Crown.epub
11 Warlord’s War (The Anarchy Book – Griff Hosker.epub
12 Kingmaker (The Anarchy Book 12) – Griff Hosker.epub
13 Henry II (The Anarchy Book 13) – Griff Hosker.epub
14 Griff Hosker – Crusader (Anarchy Book 14).epub
15 The Welsh Marches (The Anarchy 1120-1180 Book 15).epub
16 Irish War (Anarchy Book 16).epub

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