Flank Street – A J Sendall

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Flank Street – A J Sendall


Name: Flank Street – A J Sendall
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Title: Flank Street
Author: Sendall, A.J.
Language: English
Subjects: Double Cross, noir mystery, Australian crime fiction, fast paced thrillers, Honey Trap, neo-noir, Hard Boiled
Total pages: N/A

Description: When Micky DeWitt sails into Sydney, Australia, his only assets are a run down yacht, his wits, and the skills he’s picked up as a dedicated career criminal.
Shiftless, cynical and dishonest, even with himself, Micky takes a job as a barman in Sydney's seedy red light district of Kings Cross. He’s a chameleon, seeing himself as both master criminal and chilled-out world sailor. He wants a life on Easy Street, is driven by the desire to ‘get away with it,’ and addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes with that life.
Carol Todd is turned on by money and risk-taking. For Carol, there’s no such thing as “enough”. Being an escort to a few wealthy clients is just a means to an end. A couple of underworld connections help, too. But what she needs for her latest con is a fall guy—someone she can use and lose once she’s done with him. And Micky DeWitt looks like the perfect man to fall into her sultry, seductive honey trap.
Playing to Micky’s twisted sense of chivalry, Carol leads him into a hedonistic free-fall. As Micky’s life spins out of control it doesn’t take long to graduate from burglary to arson, then accessory to murder. And no matter which way he moves, someone’s going to get hurt… or die.
Some characters from Shadow House make an appearance, including Gary Mitchell, the enigmatic Ray Peterson, and even Heather herself.

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