Fighting Fantasy Collection by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

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Fighting Fantasy Collection by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone



Fighting Fantasy is a series of single-player roleplay gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The first volume in the series was published by Puffin in 1982, with the rights to the series eventually being purchased by Wizard Books in 2002. The series distinguished itself by mixing Choose Your Own Adventure-style storytelling with a dice-based role-playing element, the caption on many of the covers claiming each title was an adventure “in which YOU are the hero!” The majority of the titles followed a fantasy theme, although science fiction, post-apocalyptic, superhero, and modern horror gamebooks were also published. The popularity of the series led to the creation of merchandise such as action figures, board games, role-playing game systems, magazines, novels, and video games.

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Book list:

FF01 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.pdf
FF02 Citadel of Chaos.pdf
FF03 Forest Of Doom.pdf
FF04 Starship Traveller.pdf
FF05 City of Thieves.pdf
FF06 Deathtrap Dungeon.pdf
FF07 Island of the Lizard king.pdf
FF08 Scorpion Swamp.pdf
FF09 Caverns of the Snow Witch.pdf
FF10 House of Hell.pdf
FF11 Talisman of Death.pdf
FF12 Space Assassin.pdf
FF13 Freeway Fighter.pdf
FF14 Temple of Terror.pdf
FF15 Rings of Kether.pdf
FF16 Seas of Blood.pdf
FF17 Appointment with Fear.pdf
FF18 Rebelplanet.pdf
FF19 Demons of the Deep.pdf
FF20 Sword of the Samurai.pdf
FF21 Trial of Champions.pdf
FF22 Robot Commando.pdf
FF23 Masks of Mayhem.pdf
FF24 Creature of Havoc.pdf
FF25 Beneath Nightmare Castle.pdf
FF26 Crypt of the Sorcerer.pdf
FF27 Star Strider.pdf
FF28 Phantoms of Fear.pdf
FF29 Midnight Rogue.pdf
FF30 Chasms of Malice.pdf
FF31 Battleblade Warrior.pdf
FF32 Slaves of the Abyss.pdf
FF33 Sky Lord.pdf
FF34 Stealer Of Souls.pdf
FF35 Daggers of Darkness.pdf
FF36 Armies Of Death.pdf
FF37 Portal of Evil.pdf
FF38 Vault of the Vampire.pdf
FF39 Fangs of Fury.pdf
FF40 Dead of Night.pdf
FF41 Master Of Chaos.pdf
FF42 Blackvein Prophecy.pdf
FF43 Keep of the Lich Lord.pdf
FF44 Legend of Shadowwarriors.pdf
FF45 Spectral Stalkers.pdf
FF46 Tower of Destruction.pdf
FF47 The Crimsontide.pdf
FF48 Moonrunner.pdf
FF49 Siege of Sardath.pdf
FF50 Return to Firetop Mountain.pdf
FF51 Island of the Undead.pdf
FF52 Night Dragon.pdf
FF53 Spellbreaker.pdf
FF54 Legend of Zagor.pdf
FF55 Deathmoor.pdf
FF56 Knights of Doom.pdf
FF57 Mage Hunter.pdf
FF58 Revenge of the Vampire.pdf
FF59 Curse of the Mummy.pdf
FFOther Atlas of Titan.pdf
FFOther Bloodbones.pdf
FFOther Eye Of The Dragon.pdf
FFOther Howl of the Werewolf.pdf
FFOther The Riddling Reaver.pdf
FFOther Titan, The Fighting Fantasy World.pdf

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