Fear The Dead: A Zombie Survival Novel by Jack Lewis

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Fear The Dead: A Zombie Survival Novel by Jack Lewis
Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 671 Kb, Horror

‘Black shadows slid from the spines of the trees and covered the woods in darkness. Night was nearly here, and soon it wouldn’t just be the infected lurking in the forest; the stalkers were coming.’ Watching their wife get torn apart by the infected isn’t something that many men have to face. It’s been fifteen years, and Kyle Vauss still can’t forgive himself for failing to protect the person he loved the most. He’ll never be able to go back and save Clara, but he did make her a promise. He swore that he’d get them to the farm, a place where they would both be safe. Clara is gone, but Kyle is going to keep his word. In the years since everything went to hell, Kyle has seen enough of the world to know that you just don’t trust other people. Trusting others has a price, and you pay for it with your life. So when a teenager called Justin screws with Kyle’s plans and tricks him into taking him along, Kyle has to learn to trust others – and himself – again. There are parts of his past that he can’t face, but he is going to discover that there are some things that you just can’t turn away from. A story of extreme survival with violence and gore. The infected are waiting to tear out your insides, the stalkers prowl in the night and, as Kyle and Justin discover, it isn’t just the monsters that you have to watch out for. Man can be just as dangerous. 
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