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Douglas Boyd, “Daughters of the KGB: Moscow’s Secret Spies, Sleepers and Assassins of the Cold War”

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Douglas Boyd, “Daughters of the KGB: Moscow’s Secret Spies, Sleepers and Assassins of the Cold War”

2015 | ISBN: 0750958502 | 224 pages | EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 | 14 MB

After the guns fell silent in May 1945, the USSR resumed its clandestine
warfare against the western democracies. Soviet dictator Josef Stalin
installed secret police services in all the satellite countries of
Central and Eastern Europe. Trained by his NKVD – a predecessor of the
KGB – officers of the Polish UB, the Czech StB, the Hungarian AVO,
Romania’s Securitate, Bulgaria’s KDS, Albania’s Sigurimi and the Stasi
of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) spied on and ruthlessly
repressed their fellow citizens on the Soviet model. When the resultant
hatred exploded in uprisings – in GDR 1953, Hungary 1956 and
Czechoslovakia 1968 – they were put down by brutality, bloodshed and
Soviet tanks. What was at first not so obvious was that these state
terror organisations were also designed for military and commercial
espionage in the West, to conceal the real case officers in Moscow.
Specially trained operatives undertook mokrye dyela or ‘wet jobs’,
including assassination of émigrés and other anti-Soviet figures.
Perhaps the most menacing were the sleepers who settled in the West,
married and had children while waiting to strike against their host
countries. Many of them are still among us. Here, historian and author
Douglas Boyd explores for the first time the relationship between the
KGB and its ghastly brood of ‘daughters’ – a true family from hell.

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