David Gunner: RN series

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David Gunner: RN series

– Less than zero (RN: Book 1)
– Penance (RN: Book 2)
When reporter Ben Warren gains an unprecedented interview with Air Marshall, Chauer Denz, former commander of the disgraced gunship, RNO Bristol, and now a ranking officer of the notoriously secretive Royal Navy Orbital’s, Ministry of intelligence. He expects little more than the usual bureaucratic short answers and misdirection, but he is astonished when he gains unparalleled access and blow by blow accounts to some of the ministries darkest secrets, such as:Denz’s involvement in the failure of the RNO to repulse the Koll annex of Britannia’s Devon
colony, which saw thousands dead and the loss of the planet. The truth behind the devastating Koll invasion of Chinese space at LN-0R, which led to the single greatest military encounter in human history, and opened the door for the Koll advance on the SOL system.

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