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Connie Mason collection


The dragon lord:

In one horrifying hour, Rose of Ayrdale’s life was shattered. Lord Dragon, one of King John’s fiercest knights, brought the news that Rose’s father was dead and revealed that he had been commanded to marry the traitor’s widow or daughter and claim the estate.

Rose was certain that neither her grieving mother nor Starla, her twin sister who longed to become a nun, could bear to wed Lord Dragon. But it was equally clear that their new lord had no wish to bind himself to a defiant maiden like Rose. Convincing the Dragon that Rose was the name of the sweet-tempered, biddable twin he was inclined to wed was accomplished in a matter of moments.

Fortunately the deception did not have to last long. Indeed, before the hour was over, fiery Rose had subdued her true nature long enough to convince the Dragon it was her sister he’d wed—and had seen her mother and gentle sister on their way to the sanctuary of a nearby convent. Though she feared the Dragon’s wrath when he discovered her pretense, Rose was content with the fruit of her labors—and pleased to have taken at least this small vengeance against her unwanted overlord.

She’d be surprised to realize that the Dragon was already wondering if he’d been too hasty in sending the spitfire to the convent and taking the timid twin to wife—for he is a man of powerful passions who would find the spirited Rose a perfect match.

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Books list:

Wind Rider\
Wild Land, Wild Love\
Wild Is My Heart\
Waking Up With a Rake\
Viking Warrior\
To Tempt a Rogue\
To Tame a Renegade\
To Love a Stranger\
The Rogue and the Hellion\
The Price of Pleasure\
The Pirate Prince\
The Outlaws_ Sam\
The Outlaws_ Rafe\
The Outlaws_ Jess\
The Lion’s Bride\
The Last Rogue\
The Laird of Stonehaven\
The Dragon Lord\
The Black Knight\
Tender Fury\
Tempt the Devil\
Tears Like Rain\
Taken by You\
Surrender to the Fury\
Sins of the Highlander\
Shadow Walker\
Seduced by a Rogue\
Pure Temptation\
Promised Splendor (pdf)\
Promise Me Forever\
One Night with a Rake\
My Lady Vixen\
Love Me With Fury\
Lord of the Night\
Lord of Fire and Ice\
Lord of Devil Isle\
Ice and Rapture (pdf)\
Highland Warrior\
Gypsy Lover\
For Honor’s Sake\
Caress and Conquer\
Brave Land, Brave Love\
Bold Land, Bold Love\
Beyond the Horizon\
Between a Rake and a Hard Place\
A Touch So Wicked\
A Taste of Sin\
A Taste of Paradise\
A Promise of Thunder\
A Love to Cherish\
A Knight’s Honor\
A Breath of Scandal\

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