Condomnauts – Yoss

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Condomnauts – Yoss


Name: Condomnauts – Yoss
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Title: Condomnauts
Author: Yoss,
Language: N/A
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Total pages: N/A

Description: Set a course for intercourse with this raucous space opera from Yoss, "Cuba’s premiere science-fiction writer" (VICE), where humans explore the limits of the Milky Way—and their libidos.
In the 24th century, Josué Valdés’ rise from an orphan in the slums of Rubble City, Cuba to one of the galaxy’s most accomplished explorers was nothing short of meteoric. Josué used to race cockroaches for cash on the streets until he discovered his true-calling: as a sexual ambassador for humanity and the Nu Barsa colony.
<p>Every so-called "condomnaut" knows that trade deals in the galactic community depend on sexual pacts, which makes every encounter a close encounter. While some condomnauts have been trained and genetically enhanced to meet the needs of any tentacled insectoid in the galaxy, Josué is a natural whose ego could eclipse the big dipper. Josué and his fellow intrepid condomnauts travel light years across the galaxy and discover that old…

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