Computer Hacking by Joe Benton (ePUB)

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Joe Benton – Computer Hacking
English | Amazon Media EU | 2015 | EPUB | Pages 23 | ASIN: B00W0S29N6 | 6 Mb
Computer hacking is an extremely powerful skill to have. This book focuses on ethical hacking – also known as white hat hacking.
Inside, you will learn the basics of hacking for beginners.
This includes the different types of hacking, the reasons behind hacking, jobs in the hacking world, how to do some basic hacks, and the skills a hacker requires.
Many hackers are hired by companies to ensure that their computer systems are safe. There is high paying ethical work available in the hacking world, and this book will serve as an introduction to getting you there.
While becoming a master at hacking can take many years and lots of expensive software, this book will introduce you to the amazing world of hacking, and open your eyes up to what is possible!
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