Clone Secrets – Melissa Faye

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Clone Secrets – Melissa Faye


Name: Clone Secrets – Melissa Faye
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Title: Clone Secrets: Book 2 of the Clone Crisis Trilogy
Author: Faye, Melissa
Language: English
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Total pages: N/A

Description: The first baby born in 300 years was just the beginning.
In the 25th century, the entire population of the world is a clone of a person born hundreds of years earlier. Without parents and family, what’s best for the community is best for all. That means going along with the career assignments that divide society by class, working towards finding an end to the fertility crisis, and obeying whatever the government decides is best. Until now.
Yami just delivered the first baby born in 300 years to a society made of clones. But when a pair of mysterious strangers arrive, she must question everything she thought she knew about the government’s views on breeding and cloning. And when biological children are kidnapped from around the country, Yami and her friends set off on a mission to save the kids and learn the truth about the corrupt government’s real goals.
What defines a community? And what do you do when the world you thought you understood starts to spiral out of your control?
Clone Crisis is the second book in a new YA sci-fi dystopian trilogy. Buy it now!
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