Carol M. Vaughn: Totem series

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Carol M. Vaughn: Totem series

Clouds of War.epub
Sword and Shield (Totems Book 3 – Carol M. Vaughn.azw3
Sword and Shield (Totems Book 3 – Carol M. Vaughn.epub
Sword and Shield (Totems Book 3 – Carol M.
The King’s Treasure.epub
Totems Boxset – Carol M. Vaughn.epub
Totems Boxset – Carol M.

“I have hidden all my life. I will hide no longer.”
Arianwyn is a peasant girl who wants nothing more in life than to disappear and be safe. Attacked in the village of her birth, she runs away and finds refuge in the forest. When she accidentally bonds with a dragon, she is launched on a course that will bring her to the attention of the king himself.
Rael is the king of a vanishing Totem—the dragons. His dragon is the last known of its kind in his kingdom. With war looming on the horizon, Rael must choose a bride who will help him protect the kingdom and keep the nobles satisfied.
Together, Rael and Arianwyn learn what it means to hope and trust again when all seems lost.

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