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Brett Hicks collection


Until Dawn:

A cheating and lying girlfriend is only the very tip of my terrible night. My only friend in NYC talks me into meeting him for drinks at a club down near Brighton Beach, a strange one with an even stranger name.
After leaving the insane bar, I am attacked by redcaps and saved by the mysterious and hot redheaded club owner. She feeds me her own blood, and I waken three days later in her club, but now I have fangs and a new craving.
This is only the very tip of the iceberg still. I discover that all the strange things I have seen my entire life, were inhumans, and I was always one of them. I was a born necromancer, and now I am a necrovamp, what happens when a vampire successfully changes a necromancer.
Everything goes to hell, a murdered fae girl threatens to bring her father’s wrath down on the entire city of New York, unless we can prove our innocence and hopefully stop a boatload of nefarious plots in the process!

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Books list:

Blood War (Return of the Old-Bl – Brett
Born Awakening_ Born Succubus S – Brett Hicks.epub
Born Destiny (Born Succubus Ser – Brett Hicks.epub
Born Extinction.epub
Born Fae (Born Succubus Series – Brett Hicks.epub
Born Ruin (Born Succubus Series – Brett Hicks.epub
Death Sport_ A Southern Werewolf Series – brett hicks.epub
Faerey Normal A Modern Teen Fae.epub
Lost Heir by Brett Hicks(1).epub
Lycan Hunt_ A Southern Werewolf Series – brett hicks.epub
Origin Awakens (Return of the O – Brett
String of Murder (Colonial Dete – Brett Hicks.azw3
String of Murder (Colonial Dete – Brett Hicks.epub
Three Fold Death.epub
Three Fold



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