Blank Extra Chapter – Matt Eaton

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Blank Extra Chapter – Matt Eaton


Name: Blank Extra Chapter – Matt Eaton
Format: {#bookExtensions#}
Size: 5.79 MB


Title: Blank Extra Chapter
Author: Eaton, Matt
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: Two disasters in one day is no coincidence.
<br /><br />And certainly no accident.&nbsp;<br /><br />Which is why China and the US are spoiling for a nuclear war.<br /><br />The tsunamis have already killed most people.&nbsp;<br /><br />Of the few who survived, most lost their minds.&nbsp;<br /><br />Not crazy, just empty. Blank. Wiped clean.<br /><br />Captain Stone Luckman has long valued fate over coincidence.<br /><br />Yet he has no idea what to think when he meets Mel Palace… and finds out she&#39;s telepathic.<br /><br />Blank&nbsp;is so much more than post-apocalyptic sci-fi.<br /><br />It&#39;s a mystery thriller that has you scratching your head right up to the incredible conclusion.

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