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Bheem – Jyotin Goel

Bheem – Jyotin Goel


Name: Bheem – Jyotin Goel
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Title: Bheem
Author: Goel, Jyotin
Language: English
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Description: <p>From the battlefields of Lanka and Kurukshetra rises a deadly threat to the modern world Only one man is bold enough to confront it-the legendary warrior Bheem As Mandodari, the queen of Lanka, watches the destruction of her golden kingdom, her fury erupts as a curse. Morphing into an incurable virus, the blight takes root in the vaanars and sets out on a destructive path through the centuries. Unknown to present-day humans, the seed of their total annihilation has already been sown . . . Ripping through the vortex of time, Bheem arrives in the twenty-first century to seek out the only four humans who, with their natural immunity, can help develop an antidote. However, his quest becomes a perilous race against time, for a sworn enemy from the past-Ashvatthama-has also journeyed to the present to prevent the cure from being found. Amid the glitter and chaos of modern India, an ancient war reaches its cataclysmic finale . . .

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