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Beneath the Ashes – Sue Henry

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Beneath the Ashes – Sue Henry


Name: Beneath the Ashes – Sue Henry
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Title: Beneath the Ashes
Author: Henry, Sue
Language: English
Subjects: mystery
ISBN: 162815263X
Total pages: N/A

In the lingering chill of the early Alaskan spring, famed "musher" Jessie Arnold confronts the charred remains of a favorite local pub, destroyed by a suspicious blaze that claimed an innocent, unsuspecting life. This lull between racing seasons is meant to be a time of grueling training and conditioning for Jessie and her dogsled team-but instead it has become a time of fear. Because the burning has only begun, and its flames will scar and blister Jessie’s world in ways she can barely imagine. And in the wake of more death, her next race will be one for survival-as she struggles to determine whether a desperate friend is a terrified victim… or a killer.
Praise for Sue Henry

From Publishers Weekly
The identity of the arsonist plaguing musher Jessie Arnold comes as no surprise in her seventh outing, but Anthony and Macavity winner Henry provides plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Right before Jessie’s favorite bar burns down, killing an unknown man inside, she gets a call from an old acquaintance and former neighbor, Anne Holman, now living in Colorado. Anne asks Jessie to help her travel to the log cabin she once shared with her physically abusive husband, Greg. Knowing this entails a dog-sled trip into the wilderness, but feeling sorry for Anne, Jessie agrees. As they prepare for their trip, however, Mike Tatum, the arson investigator looking into the bar fire, tells Jessie that Anne, who’s been strangely secretive, was a suspect in an arson case years before in which the now-identified victim played a part. Anne swears Tatum is obsessed with proving her guilty, which makes sense to Jessie, who can’t stand the man. Later, though, Jessie has to wonder when she and Anne arrive at their destination and find the charred remains of Anne’s former home. Anne is sure that Greg has burned down the cabin since her last visit. Back home, when someone torches the cabin Jessie built with her own hands, she can’t figure out who her enemy really isATatum, whom she enraged by defending Anne; Anne herself; or Greg, who’s followed his wife to Alaska. Again, Henry’s lyrical descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness make up for a transparent plot and a melodramatic finale. (July) <br />Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist
It’s spring in Alaska, and Jessie Arnold is training a new pack of sled dogs. Then the trouble starts: a fire destroys a local tavern and leaves a dead body; Jessie’s old friend Annie Holman turns up with horrible tales of wife abuse; and Jessie’s own cabin is burned. In an effort to put her world back in order, Jessie must get to the bottom of the arson outbreak, and to do that, she must determine whether her friend is a victim or a maniacal killer. In this latest Jessie Arnold mystery, Henry again does a masterful job of mixing vivid Alaska landscape with a tantalizing plot, an endearing protagonist, and some of the most lovable dogs in print. The book’s jittery, nail-biting pace hooks readers early on, and if the ending itself proves disappointing, all that leads up to it is as entertaining as it is compelling. Not the best in the series but satisfying reading all the same. John Rowen<br />Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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