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Ben Winston collection

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Ben Winston collection


Olympus (Talosian Chronicles #1):

Over four-thousand years ago, a star ship crashed on the dark side of the moon. Acting on its final orders, the AI began repairs, and then searched for a new crew. Finding Ian Williams, a virtual clone for its original commander, the AI contacts him and convinces him to undertake the challenge of getting the big ship back in space and protecting the Earth from the enemy that originally caused it to crash. Can Ian do what needs to be done without any of the governments of the planet finding out about it? Will one star ship be enough to protect the planet? Will the damn thing even be able to fly again?

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Books list:



Ben Winston – [Talosian Chronicles 01] – Olympus.epub
Ben Winston – [Talosian Chronicles 02] – Star Dancer.epub
Ben Winston – [Talosian Chronicles 03] – Talosian Alliance (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Talosian Chronicles 04] – Neptune’s Massif (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Talosian Chronicles 05] – Raptor Squadron.epub

Ben Winston – [Book of the Guardian 01] – Home (retail) (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Book of the Guardian 02] – Pest Control (retail) (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Book of the Guardian 03] – The Last Mission (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Book of the Guardian 04] – Resolution (epub).epub

Ben Winston – [Bedouin’s Travels 01] – Twilight Earth (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Bedouin’s Travels 02] – The Long, Dark Night (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Bedouin’s Travels 03] – Terra Dawning (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Bedouin’s Travels 04] – A New Day (epub).epub

Ben Winston – [The Abraxis Complex 01] – Origin of Prometheus (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [The Abraxis Complex 02] – Sword of Damocles (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [The Abraxis Complex 03] – Abraxis Code (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [The Abraxis Complex 04] – Forging Aegis (epub).epub

Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 01] – Prototype (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 02] – Subroutines (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 03] – Base Functions (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 04] – Hard Wired (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 05] – Debug Mode.epub
Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 06] – Beta Test (epub).epub
Ben Winston – [Temple of SARAH 07] – Upgrades.epub

Ben Winston – [The Navigator 01] – The Begining (epub).

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