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Ben Kane collection


The Forgotten Legion:

An epic Roman novel which follows three men and one woman bound in servitude to the Republic.
Romulus and Fabiola are twins, born into slavery after their mother is raped by a drunken nobleman. At thirteen-years-old, they are sold — Romulus to gladiator school, Fabiola into prostitution where she will catch the eye of one of the most powerful men in Rome.
Tarquinius is an Etruscan warrior and soothsayer, and an enemy of Rome, but doomed to fight for the Republic in the Forgotten Legion. Brennus is a Gaul; the Romans killed his entire family. He rises to become one of the most famous and feared gladiators of his day — and mentor to the boy slave, Romulus, who dreams night and day of escape and revenge.
The lives of the four are bound together into a marvellous story which begins in a Rome riven by corruption, violence and politics, and ends far away at the very border of the known world.

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Books list:

A Day of Fire – Stephanie Dray, Ben Kane, E Knight, Sophie Perinot, Kate Quinn, Vicky Alvear Shecter (epub).epub
Ben Kane – [Eagles of Rome 0.5] – The Shrine.epub
Ben Kane – [Eagles of Rome 01] – Eagles at War.epub
Ben Kane – [Eagles of Rome 02] – Hunting the Eagles (epub).epub
Ben Kane – [Eagles of Rome 03] – Eagles in the Storm.epub
Ben Kane – [Eagles of Rome] – The Arena.epub
Ben Kane – [Forgotten Legion 01] – The Forgotten Legion.epub
Ben Kane – [Forgotten Legion 02] – The Silver Eagle.epub
Ben Kane – [Forgotten Legion 03] – Road to Rome (v5).epub
Ben Kane – [Hannibal 01] – Enemy of Rome (v5.0) (epub).epub
Ben Kane – [Hannibal 02] – Fields of Blood (epub).epub
Ben Kane – [Hannibal 03] – Clouds of War (epub).epub
Ben Kane – [Hannibal 1.5] – The Patrol (epub).epub
Ben Kane – [Spartacus 01] – The Gladiator.epub
Ben Kane – [Spartacus 02] – Rebellion.epub

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