Behind Bars – Meredith Katz

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Behind Bars – Meredith Katz


Name: Behind Bars – Meredith Katz
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Size: 6.52 MB


Title: Behind Bars
Author: Katz, Meredith
Language: English
Subjects: LGBTQ, Fantasy, Romance
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>The city of Dolana has kept itself free from demonic rule the hard way: by interrogating its citizens and sending anyone who could possibly be under demonic influence to the Inquisition. City innkeeper Pelerin is happy to help out however he can&#8212;after all, he lost his beloved wife to demons many years earlier, leaving him to raise their son on his own. If anyone deserves to have a grudge against demons, it’s him.But when his now-adult son disagrees with his actions, he is forced to reexamine the past. Is he doing the right thing, when it could lead&#8212;has led&#8212;to the deaths of innocents? Why is his son skulking about, and what secrets is he keeping? And while Pel’s hands are full with this, a stranger comes to stay at his inn… a stranger who makes the question more relevant than Pel ever imagined would be possible.

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