Be My Anti-Valentine – Alina Popescu

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Be My Anti-Valentine – Alina Popescu


Name: Be My Anti-Valentine – Alina Popescu
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Title: Be My Anti-Valentine
Author: Popescu, Alina
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: Valentine’s Day is the worst, more so for the chronically single. Brad has transformed avoiding the fluffy, heart-shaped holiday into an art. This year, he’s going to spend the weekend with his brother. They’ll be playing video games, drinking beer, and eating junk food. Too bad Brad’s brother made up with his girlfriend and took off to Cancun for a romantic weekend… And he never bothered to tell Brad about it. Brad finds himself without his partner in crime, trapped in the suburbs, and with a grumpy roommate: his brother’s friend, Jim, who Brad’s been crushing on for years. But gaming and junk food are a powerful lure and Jim might just make Brad’s Valentine’s weekend bearable.

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