Bannerman the Enforcer 10 – Kirk Hamilton

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Bannerman the Enforcer 10 – Kirk Hamilton


Name: Bannerman the Enforcer 10 – Kirk Hamilton
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Title: Bannerman the Enforcer 10
Author: Hamilton, Kirk
Language: English
Subjects: piccadilly publishing, keith hetherington, pulp western fiction, wild west ebooks, kirk hamilton, bannerman the enforcer western series, american outlaws 1880s, cowboy ebooks
Total pages: N/A

Description: When Governor Dukes suffered his worst heart attack yet, the buzzards began to gather. It seemed like everyone wanted to seize power and run Texas their way, from political opponents to gunnies with their own personal scores to settle.Keeping the governor safe until he could recover his health was the first priority for his chief Enforcers, Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato. But even they couldn’t be everywhere at once. Sooner or later someone out there was going to finish the governor for good … and if they couldn’t get to him directly, they’d do it through the only thing he loved more than Texas itself-his daughter, Kate!

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