August Heat – Andrea Camilleri

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August Heat – Andrea Camilleri


Name: August Heat – Andrea Camilleri
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Title: August Heat
Author: Camilleri, Andrea
Language: English
Subjects: mystery, Thriller
ISBN: 9780143114055
Total pages: N/A

Description: When a colleague extends his summer vacation, Inspector Salvo Montalbano is forced to stay in Vigàta and endure the August heat. Montalbano’s long-suffering girlfriend, Livia, joins him with a friend-husband and young son in tow-to keep her company during these dog days of summer. But when the boy suddenly disappears into a narrow shaft hidden under the family’s beach rental, Montalbano, in pursuit of the child, uncovers something terribly sinister. As the inspector spends the summer trying to solve this perplexing case, Livia refuses to answer his calls-and Montalbano is left to take a plunge that will affect the rest of his life. Fans of the Sicilian inspector as well as readers new to this increasingly popular series will enjoy following the melancholy but unflinchingly moral Montalbano as he undertakes one of the most shocking investigations of his career.

From Booklist
Camilleri’s alternately brooding and life-loving Sicilian police inspector Salvo Montalbano may be the most agonizingly human lead character in the mystery genre. The inspector’s all-too-recognizable shortcomings, from lethargy to lust, are on view in this latest episode in which a summer rental-procured by Salvo for friends of his girlfriend, Livia-becomes a kind of Italian Amityville horror. If an insect infestation isn’t enough to turn the holiday into a fiasco, the body found in a concealed basement apartment does the trick nicely, leaving Montalbano on the outs with Livia and forced to contend with a six-year-old murder. As the inspector endures the August heat (often by sitting in his office in his underwear), he faces an even more formidable obstacle: his overwhelming attraction to the victim’s stunning twin sister. Montalbano’s various weaknesses lead directly to the troubling finale, leaving him forced to, yes, strip off his clothes one more time and dive into the sea, hoping to swim away his regrets. Combine the movies Body Heat and The Seven-Year Itch, blending the noir of the former with the farce of the latter, and you have something like this beguiling tragicomedy. –Bill Ott

”The joys of August Heat arise less from the central plot than from its margins: Montalbano’s never-flagging fondness for food, his ruminations on aging, and his commentaries on Italian society.” –Washington Post

”Camilleri’s tenth mystery to feature [Inspector] Montalbano (after 2008’s Paper Moon) cleverly balances a compelling story line with engaging characters.” –Publishers Weekly

”Despite its noirish undertones, the perfect beach read for those lucky enough to have found suitable accommodations.” –Kirkus Reviews

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