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Antonia Fraser collection


Marie Antoinette: The Journey:

Brilliantly written, a work of impeccable scholarship. An utterly riveting and intensely moving book by one of our finest biographers.

Never before has the life of Marie Antoinette been told so intimately and with such authority as in Antonia Fraser’s newest work, Marie Antoinette: The Journey. Famously known as the eighteenth-century French queen whose excesses have become legend, Marie Antoinette was blamed for instigating the French Revolution. But the story of her journey begun as a fourteen-year-old sent from Vienna to marry the future Louis XVI to her courageous defense before she was sent to the guillotine reveals a woman of greater complexity and character than we have previously understood. We stand beside Marie Antoinette and witness the drama of her life as she becomes a scapegoat of the Ancien Regime when her faults were minor in comparison to the punishments inflicted on her.

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Books list:

Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore – The Bottle Dungeon\
Antonia Fraser – The Cavalier Case\
Antonia Fraser – Cromwell, the Lord Protector.epub
Antonia Fraser – Faith & Treason.rtf
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore – Jemima Shore at the Sunny Grave & Other Stories (v5.0).epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore – The Bottle Dungeon.rtf
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 01 – Quiet as a Nun (v2.0).epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 02 – The Wild Island Aka Tartan Tragedy.epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 03 – A Splash of Red (v2.0).epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 04 – Cool Repentance (v2.0).epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 05 – Oxford Blood (v2.0).epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 06 – Your Royal Hostage.epub
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 07 – The Cavalier Case.txt
Antonia Fraser – Jemima Shore 08 – Political Death (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – Love & Louis Xiv (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – Marie Antoinette (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – Mary Queen of Scots (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – Must You Go (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – My History – A Memoir of Growing Up (v5.0).epub
Antonia Fraser – Perilous Question (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – The Gunpowder Plot (v5).epub
Antonia Fraser – The Warrior Queens (v5).epub
Faith and Treason – Antonia Fraser.epub

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