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Annette Blair collection


A Veiled Deception:

The right dress can be magic; the wrong one–murder!
Madeira, Maddie, Cutler, vintage clothing lover, and New York fashion designer, comes home to help plan her sister’s wedding. At the engagement party, the ‘Jezebel’ trying to steal Sherry’s fiancé is found strangled with a bridal veil, making Sherry the prime suspect. Besides seeking the real killer, Maddie alters Sherry’s vintage wedding gown, worn by generations of the groom’s family, and something odd happens. The gown gives Maddie visions, clues to the past . . . and the murder?
Maddie learns she’s psychometric, a psychic gift she inherited from her late mother, who was a broom-carrying witch, it turns out. What other gifts did she inherit? When not sleuthing, Maddie acquires the old Underhill Funeral Chapel Carriage House, including Dante Underhill, a chatty debonair ghost in tux and top hat, who can’t seem to leave the building. Watch out Mystic, Connecticut! Here comes Vintage Magic, a shop for vintage couture and designer originals, featuring a psychic sleuth, a hunk of a ghost, with a sprinkle of magic thrown in for ‘charm.’

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Books list:

Annette Blair – [Accidental Witch 01] – The Kitchen Witch (v5.0) (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Accidental Witch 02] – My Favorite Witch (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Accidental Witch 03] – The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe.epub
Annette Blair – [Knave of Hearts 01] – Sea Scoundrel (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Knave of Hearts 02] – Captive Scoundrel (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Knave of Hearts 03] – Proper Scoundrel (Scoundrel in Disguise) (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Knave of Hearts 04] – Holy Scoundrel (v5.0) (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [The Rogues Club 01] – Undeniable Rogue (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [The Rogues Club 02] – Unforgettable Rogue (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [The Rogues Club 03] – Unmistakable Rogue (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [The Rogues Club 04] – Untamable Rogue (A Christmas Baby) (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Triplet Witch 01] – Sex and the Psychic Witch.epub
Annette Blair – [Triplet Witch 02] – Gone with the Witch.epub
Annette Blair – [Triplet Witch 03] – Never Been Witched.epub
Annette Blair – [Vintage Magic Mystery 01] – A Veiled Deception.epub
Annette Blair – [Vintage Magic Mystery 02] – Larcency and Lace.epub
Annette Blair – [Vintage Magic Mystery 03] – Death by Diamonds.epub
Annette Blair – [Vintage Magic Mystery 04] – Skirting the Grave .epub
Annette Blair – [Vintage Magic Mystery 05] – Cloaked in Malice.epub
Annette Blair – [Vintage Magic Mystery 06] – Tulle Death Do Us Part (epub).epub
Annette Blair – [Works like Magick 01] – Naked Dragon.epub
Annette Blair – [Works like Magick 02] – Bedeviled Angel (2010).epub
Annette Blair – [Works like Magick 03] – Vampire Dragon.epub
Annette Blair – A Winter Heart (epub).epub
Annette Blair – Butterfly Garden (epub).epub
Annette Blair – Jacob’s Return (Thee, I Love) [Zebra Splendor] (epub).epub
Annette Blair – Kissingate Magic (html).rar
Deirdre Martin, Julia London, Annette Blair, Geir Buckley – HotTicket (html).rar
Scandalous Brides – Lucinda Brant, Annette Blair, Cheryl Bolen, Brenda Hiatt (Unforgettable Rogue; A Lady of Chance; Salt Bride; Scandalous Virtue) (epub).epub

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