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Anne Rivers Siddons collection

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Anne Rivers Siddons collection


Caroline Venable has everything her Southern heritage promised: money, prestige, a rich husband–and a predictable routine of country-club luncheons and cocktail parties. Caroline is the chatelaine of a magnificent home, hostess to her husband’s wealthy friends and prospective clients, and the official “one-woman welcome wagon” for young, eager talent that her husband, Clay, imports to their corner of South Carolina to work for the family company–a vastly successful land-developing conglomerate.
If Caro drinks a little too much for Clay’s liking, he knows the reason why, and he takes comfort in the fact that she can escape to the island in the Lowcountry that her beloved Granddaddy left her. Wild and seemingly timeless, the island is a place of incomparable, breathtaking beauty–and it is the one place where Caroline can lose herself and simply forget.
Roaming the island is a band of wild ponies, whose freedom and spirit have captivated Caro since she was a child. When she learns that her husband must either develop the island or lose the company that he spent his whole life building, she is devastated. The Lowcountry is Caroline’s heritage–the one constant she believed would never change. A resort would not only tame (and therefore destroy) the island she loves–but what will happen to the wild ponies?

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Books list:

Anne Rivers Siddons – Burnt Mountain (v5.0) (epub).epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Colony.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Downtown.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Fault Lines.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Fault Lines (mobi).mobi
Anne Rivers Siddons – Hill Towns.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Homeplace.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Islands (epub).epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – King’s Oak.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Low Country.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Nora, Nora.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Off Season.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Outer Banks (retail) (epub).epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Peachtree Road.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Sweetwater Creek.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – The Girls of August (v5) (epub).epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – The House Next Door.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – The House Next Door.mobi
Anne Rivers Siddons – Up Island.epub
Anne Rivers Siddons – Up Island.mobi

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