Amy’s Seaside Secret – Pam Weaver

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Amy’s Seaside Secret – Pam Weaver


Name: Amy’s Seaside Secret – Pam Weaver
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Title: Amy’s Seaside Secret
Author: Weaver, Pam
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: An uplifting short story following on from <i>Amy’s Wartime Christmas</i>, <i>Amy’s Seaside Secret</i> is an engaging read, exclusive to eBook from Pam Weaver, author of <i>Always in My Heart</i>.
Worthing, 1944.
Police Woman Amy Hobbs has been patrolling the streets of the seaside town for six months, upholding the law for its residents. But as the only female officer in the constabulary, dealing with old-fashioned attitudes from senior officers is a daily battle.
When a call comes in from local fishermen who have spotted a woman’s body floating in the River Rife, Amy accompanies Sergeant Goble to investigate. With an opportunity to prove she’s just as good an officer as the men, Amy launches into the case to solve the mystery and apprehend the perpetrator.
<p>Meanwhile, a spate of thefts have been reported across the town with everything from coal and milk, to food and bikes, mysteriously disappearing. A strange tramp has been spotted by locals and it…

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