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Amy Sumida: The Godhunter series

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Amy Sumida: The Godhunter series

There are some things that really annoy Vervain Lavine. Like when people call her Vivian; “Vervain’s an herb, look it up.” Or when people don’t get her movie quotes; “Why doesn’t anyone appreciate culture anymore?” But what really bothers her, what gets her little witchy panties in a twist, is when gods manipulate humans. “They’re not even really gods, just Atlanteans playing dress up!”
Yeah, that’s right, the gods are Atlanteans. Basically a bunch of refugees who decided to take over. It was a sweet deal for them, at least back when we believed in them and all. Not so much anymore. Nowadays, there ain’t too many folks lining up at the altars to give their offerings, and gods are suffering for it. Without our sacrifices, the gods don’t have enough juice to keep living in the manner to which they’ve grown accustomed.
So they came up with a plan. It was so easy actually. All they had to do was get us to fight amongst ourselves, go to war. When our kind die, they suck up the energy like a temperature-resistant fat man drinking a milkshake line-up. Not such a bad idea, and it’s worked for quite awhile. Up until Vervain found out.
Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Vervain’s no Laura Croft. She can’t bench press 200 lbs or shoot laser beams out of her eyes either. She does have magic on her side though and a few little tricks up her sleeve, or up her gloves rather. So she’s not completely defenseless and she’ll do whatever she has to in order to end this threat of divine proportions. Even if it means assassinating one god at a time.
Her greatest annoyance is yet to come though, in the form of a gorgeous Viking God who swears he’s on her side. If she can keep her eyes off his leather pants long enough, they might even stand half a chance.

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Books list:

Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 01] – Godhunter (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 02] – Of Gods and Wolves (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 03] – Oathbreaker (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 04] – Marked by Death (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 05] – Green Tea and Black Death (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 06] – A Taste for Blood (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 07] – The Tainted Web (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 08] – Harvest of the Gods (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 09] – A Fey Harvest (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 10] – Into the Void (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 11] – Out of the Darkness.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 12] – Perchance To Die.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 13] – Tracing Thunder.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 14] – Light as a Feather.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 15] – Rain or Monkeyshine.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 16] – Blood Bound.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 17] – Eye of Re.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 18] – My Soul to Take (epub).epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 19] – As the Crow Flies.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 20] – Cry Werewolf.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 21] – Pride Before A Fall.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 22] – Monsoons and Monsters.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 23] – Blessed Death.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 24] – In the Nyx of Time.epub
Amy Sumida – [Godhunter 25] – Let Sleeping Demons Lie.epub

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