Afflicted Patient Zero Book 1 – Derek Shupert

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Afflicted Patient Zero Book 1 – Derek Shupert


Name: Afflicted Patient Zero Book 1 – Derek Shupert
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Title: Afflicted_Patient Zero_Book 1
Author: Shupert, Derek
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: Hunger. Terror. Survival.
Captured and held against his will, Mike finds himself on the receiving end of genetic experiments. Tortured by injections and left to live in subhuman conditions, Mike and his fellow test subjects struggle to survive in a scientifically engineered hell-on-Earth.
The virus they have been exposed to has caused varied yet brutal effects on those exposed. With most succumbing to the ravenous flesh-eating hunger of a twisted inhuman being, the underground testing facility in which they are held has become a battleground for survival. Even with his elite military training, veteran Mike knows that the virus will destroy him too unless he finds a way to hold on to his humanity and escape this living nightmare.
With the aid of those left to linger, Mike and his companions must find their way deep into the heart of the facility and escape before it’s too late. With the poison in their veins dragging them into the depths of depravity, every second counts in their pursuit of freedom.
Is there enough humanity within to keep the virus at bay and return to the light? Or is the world at large in danger of this horrific, mutating scourge?
In Afflicted: Patient Zero, the struggle for survival drives one man close to the brink–and the fight for humanity begins…
*The Second Book In the Afflicted Series* <br />Book 0 – Afflicted: Genesis (Prequel)<br />Book 1 – Afflicted: Patient Zero<br />Book 2 – Afflicted: RipTide <br />Book 3 – Afflicted: Dead Reckoning

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