Across Our Stars: Victor by A. Payne and N.D. Taylor (ePUB)

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Victor by A. Payne and N.D. Taylor
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 462 kb | Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In the distant future, the nations of Earth have merged beneath a single ruling body: the United Empire. Under the protection of Her Majesty’s Galactic Navy, humanity has spread across our stars and entered a new Golden Age of prosperity and peaceful colonization. Doctor Victor del Toro escaped poverty and a childhood on the streets to become one of the Navy’s leading cyberneticists. When a transfer to a new ship returns Victor to active duty, he discovers danger is on the rise in the galaxy. Citizens of the empire vanish from their settlements overnight, but most importantly, someone has targeted cybernetic recipients. It’s up to Victor to solve the mystery of the missing cyborgs before it becomes too late for one more colony.

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