A Sister’s Secret – Cydney Rax

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A Sister’s Secret – Cydney Rax


Name: A Sister’s Secret – Cydney Rax
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Title: A Sister’s Secret
Author: Rax, Cydney
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: <b>In the wake of a major loss, five sisters agree to meet on the regular to keep it real. But secrets they never saw coming will challenge them and everything they counted on . . .</b>

Savvy and decisive, <b>Burgundy </b>Reeves feels blessed with a good husband and a successful career. She is the sister everyone envies. Since her beloved mother’s death, she’s given troubled youngest sister, <b>Elyse</b>, a stable home when she needs it most. And she’s taken it on herself to keep her contentious siblings together. Under her guidance, they all meet bi-monthly on "Sister Day," a time when they get together to bond, to receive a challenging "assignment", and to cope with a range of things&#8212;including their many differences . . .

Among the sisters’ most challenging assignments: tell the truth. But truthfulness leads to an unveiling of secrets that may destroy lives. Burgundy is struggling to show <b>Coco</b> the real deal about her unreliable baby daddy. If she…

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