A Day in the Life of Louis Bloo – Paul Charles

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A Day in the Life of Louis Bloo – Paul Charles


Name: A Day in the Life of Louis Bloo – Paul Charles
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Title: A Day in the Life of Louis Bloom
Author: Charles, Paul
Language: English
Subjects: Mystery & Crime
ISBN: 9780802360335
Total pages: N/A

Description: McCusker had it made when he took early retirement from the Ulster police force with a handsome pay-out. That is, until his wife ran off with their nest egg, forcing him back to work as a rent-a-cop. McCusker is not always inclined to pick up his phone at midnight, especially on evenings spent with his new lover; but when the caller is the police superintendent, and the missing person is not only Belfast’s foremost public intellectual, but the top-cop’s brother-in-law, well.it’s a good thing McCusker leaves the ringer on. This, his second outing, takes him from the historic Botanic Gardens, through the ancient Friar’s Bush Graveyard to the halls of learning at Queens University, where he and DI Lily O’Carroll encounter enough scandal and deceit to rival even the most venal of governments. Between a tax-evading pot dealer, a pack of dysfunctional academics, a disinherited older brother, charismatic escorts, and a shadowy American, McCusker and O’Carroll have much to parse as they uncover each subject’s truths and motivations. Of course, nobody has a good alibi – and to top it off, McCusker’s estranged wife shows up out of the blue. As McCusker and O’Carroll stumble through a hall of mirrors to build a case, they uncover a criminal empire, and the body count rises.

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