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A Country Girl’s Heart – Dena Blake

A Country Girl’s Heart – Dena Blake


Name: A Country Girl’s Heart – Dena Blake
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Title: A Country Girl’s Heart
Author: Blake, Dena
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: Kat Jackson is successful despite her estrangement from her parents and the loss of her wife. She’s resigned to live alone while struggling to maintain her dream ranch. When she falls for weekend cowgirl DJ Callahan, she soon fears all she knows to be true may be a cruel fa├žade developed for her own protection. DJ Callahan is a corporate lawyer who lives in the moment, never limiting herself to any one relationship. When DJ arrives at the Jumpin’ J Ranch, she has no plans to become involved with Kat, let alone open the door to her own past, which bubbles just below the surface, threatening to destroy her entire existence as a “big city lawyer.” Having everything she could ever want in life, twice, is something Kat never expected. When she gets a second chance at love, following her heart will prove the hardest decision of all.

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