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2013 aug 25. collection

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2013 aug 25. collection

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Books list:

Abbe Prevost – Manon Lescaut (v5).epub
Aimee Bender – The Color Master Stories (v5).epub
Aimee Bender, Benjamin Cheeve – Secret Society of Demolition Writers (v5).epub
Arthur C Clarke – Collected Stories 03 – The Star (v5).epub
Arthur C Clarke – Collected Stories 04 – A Meeting With Medusa (v5).epub
Arthur C Clarke, Gregory Benford – Against the Fall of Night (v5).epub
Chris F Holm – Collector 03 – The Big Reap (v5).epub
Deborah Morgan – Antique Lover’s 02 – The Weedless Widow (v5).epub
Elizabeth Gaskell – The Poor Clare (v5).epub
France Daigle – Just Fine (v5).epub
G Wayne Miller – Vapors, the Essential G Wayne Miller Fiction Vol 2 (v5).epub
Gail Bowen – Joanne Kilbourn 10.05 – The Further Investigations of Joanne Kilbourn (v5).epub
Herbert Lieberman – The Girl With the Botticelli Eyes (v5).epub
James Branch Cabell – Biography of Manuel 07 – Jurgen (v5).epub
Jane Rule – After the Fire (v5).epub
Jeffrey Jacobson – Sleep Tight (v5).epub
JF Freedman – Against the Wind (v5).epub
Joyce Grant Smith – Oatcakes & Courage (v5).epub
Jyotsna Sreenivasan – And Laughter Fell From the Sky (v5).epub
Kate Douglas – Spirit Wild 01 – Dark Wolf (v5).epub
Kate Sedley – Roger the Chapman 19 – The Midsummer Crown (v5).epub
Laura Restrepo – Isle of Passion (v5).epub
Lindsay Ashford – The Mysterious Death of Miss Jane Austen (v5).epub
Lisa Moore – Caught (v5).epub
Lori Avocato – Pauline Sokol 06 – Dead on Arrival (v5).epub
Lori Avocato – Pauline Sokol 07 – Dead Weight (v5).epub
Maggie Sefton – Molly Malone 02 – Poisoned Politics (v5).epub
Margaret Coles – The Greening (v5).epub
Marge Piercy – Moon is Always Female (v5).epub
Maria Flook – Family Night (v5).epub
Maria Flook – Open Water (v5).epub
Maria Flook – You Have the Wrong Man (v5).epub
Mary McCarthy – The Group (v5).epub
Mary Novik – Muse (v5).epub
Meg Howrey – Blind Sight (v5).epub
Michael Craft – Mark Manning 02 – Eye Contact (v5).epub
Michael Craft – Mark Manning 03 – Body Language (v5).epub
Michael Craft – Mark Manning 04 – Name Games (v5).epub
Michael Craft – Mark Manning 05 – Boy Toy (v5).epub
Michael Crichton as John Lange – Binary (v5).epub
Michael Crichton as John Lange – Odds on (v5).epub
Nan Rossiter – More Than You Know (v5).epub
Nicholas Mennuti, David Guggenheim – Weaponized (v5).epub
Paula Daly – Just What Kind of Mother Are You (v5).epub
Phil Rickman – Reverend Merrily Watkins 03 – A Crown of Lights (v5).epub
Priscilla Masters – The Final Curtain (v5).epub
Prosper Merimee – Carmen (v5).epub
Rie Warren – Don’t Tell 01 – In His Command (v5).epub
Robert Reginald – Invasion! Earth vs the Aliens (v5).epub
Robert Reginald – The Paperback Show Murders (v5).epub
Sally Spencer – Chief Inspector Woodend 13 – The Butcher Beyond (v5).epub
Stephane Michaka – Scissors (v5).epub
Thomas Bernhard – Extinction (v5).epub
Thomas Bernhard – My Prizes an Accounting (v5).epub
Wayne Grady – Emancipation Day (v5).epub
William Klaber – The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell (v5).epub
WP Kinsella – Butterfly Winter (v5).epub

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